Although a keen gardener all my adult life it was only when we retired to the suburbs that I started having problems with cats. Whether our move coincided with a cat population boom or not I don’t know. I have read that since tougher laws were passed on dogs and dog poop that cats are now the number 1 pet in the UK and more likely, I simply didn’t notice them so much when I was working and spent less time pottering around in the garden. A large clear bottle half filled with water strategically placed in their path is supposed to scare cats away because the reflection looking back at them is that of a bigger cat.

Of the half dozen cats I witnessed wandering past one of these bottles only 1 seemed mildly concerned with the reflection and that was by no means enough to scare him off. Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and may earn a commission for any cat deterrent products you may purchase through a link from this site. Please be assured this has no bearing on Bob’s reviews. Do not copy content from the page. Plagiarism will be detected by Copyscape. Pigeon Control Resource Centre 2009. Cleaning — How important is it?

What do I do if I find a baby pigeon? What do I do if I Find a Baby Pigeon? The Scarecrow’ bird scarer is a multi-purpose bird and animal deterrent that is designed to be used in a garden to deter larger species of birds and animals. 7 basis and uses a passive infra-red motion sensor to detect both heat and movement. The Scarecrow bird scarer is triggered when the infra-red sensor beam is broken and the unit will shoot a stream of water, at garden hose pressure, for 3 seconds. The Scarecrow bird scarer then re-sets itself after 7 seconds. The Scarecrow bird scarer is sold with several decals that mimic the eyes and beaks of predatory birds.

If small birds are fed in the garden the decals should not be applied. The Scarecrow bird scarer will use the equivalent of 2 — 3 cups of water during each activation making the unit extremely economical. Scarecrow bird scarer unit itself. The unit may be triggered by any of the above. This operation is undertaken via the unit’s sensitivity knob. 10-metre area in front of the unit. The Scarecrow bird scarer has some disadvantages in respect of its ability to provide year-round protection, particularly when used in a climate with cold winters.

Neither can the unit be used close to running water. The Scarecrow bird scarer may have one application that is not discussed by the manufacturer or its suppliers and that is for use as a pigeon deterrent on buildings. Scarecrow bird scarer appears to offer an extremely low-cost option. Gull-related problems of this type cause major problems for property owners. Water-based deterrents are not discussed on the DEFRA website. If you are able to provide a user review for The Scarecrow bird scarer please contact the Pigeon Control Resource Centre. The Scarecrow bird scarer protects any open area of the garden or yard that receives the unwanted attention of animals.

The Scarecrow bird scarer can see large animals farther away than it can small animals. The Scarecrow bird scarer uses a passive infrared sensor to ‘see’ the temperature difference between an animal and the background. Scarecrow bird scarer will have difficulty detecting movement. The Scarecrow bird scarer then pauses for 8 seconds before resuming sensing. The Scarecrow bird scarer is the smartest scarecrow ever invented. It is completely harmless but extremely effective.

The effect is both startling and immediate! It is widely endorsed and less expensive than physical barriers. You will love how it works! Mice, Moles, Geese, Heron, Cranes or just about any outdoor animals! It is the environment rather than a person or other animal doing the ‘conditioning’. The water spray is sufficiently surprising and unpleasant to communicate an immediate, ‘Leave now’ message. The animal immediately associates this unpleasant experience with the location. Safely and effectively repels animals without chemicals, visually objectionable barriers or shock. Works when motion is detected. The Scarecrow bird scarer is a unique and well designed deterrent that can be used for both the control of birds and animals in a variety of environments. 00 and as a result must be seen as worthy of a trial on the basis of cost alone. The Scarecrow bird scarer is straightforward to use but setting up the unit may require some time and patience.