Ebola virus, when he entered the country. Ebola infection is a fever. Spelling altered in English by influence of Middle French and Late Latin forms. 2002, 2001, 1995 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. A subjective indication of a disorder or disease, such as pain, nausea or weakness.

Symptoms may be accompanied by objective signs of disease such as abnormal laboratory test results or findings during a physical examination. What does Tis the Season mean? Blood in the urine is a symptom that should never be ignored. Learn what may cause bloody urine, and the most common treatments for it. The discovery of either gross or microscopic blood in urine is a sure indication of the need to examine and evaluate the patient to discover the cause of this abnormality. The conditions that can lead to either gross or microscopic blood in the urine are many and varied.

In adults, a careful history to describe the details of the bloody urine, a physical examination and laboratory studies are the first step in unearthing the cause. MRI scans are the next step and will usually discover the cause. In adult women, infection of the bladder or kidneys, urinary stones, and tumors of the urinary bladder, kidneys are the most common causes. Infections in both men and women are treated with appropriate antibiotics and some patients must be placed on preventative antibiotics over a long period of time to keep them infection free. Some urinary stones will pass on their own, some will require fragmentation into smaller stones by a machine called a lithotripter, with the smaller fragments being allowed to pass out or be removed by an urologist with an instrument. The important message of this discussion on blood in the urine is very simple and most important. NEVER IGNORE BLOOD IN THE URINE even if it only occurs once!

In children, the most common reasons for blood in urine are congenital abnormalities of the urinary tract and infections. Obtaining imaging of the urinary tract with x-rays or ultrasound as well as cultures to confirm infection will usually produce the correct diagnosis. Tumors of the urinary system are almost always malignant and are more common in middle- and older-aged men and women. Bladder tumors that are also malignant can often be removed through an instrument under anesthesia by a urological surgeon. The more aggressive bladder tumors sometimes require removal of the entire bladder and draining the urine to the outside by other means. Unlike a nose bleed, blood in the urine is very often a sign of a disease process in your body that may be very serious. Early discovery of the cause is the best path to follow and will afford the greatest chance of a good recovery.

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You can get from any chemists without prescription, but they’re normally behind the counter so you have to ask for them. I strongly recommend that you use Keto-Diastix, as they have a huge advantage over the other two. Keto-Diastix come in bottles of 50 plastic strips with two reactive squares on each strip. Keto-Diastix are very sensitive to light, heat and moisture and you mustn’t touch the little squares. However, if stored properly they will last for six months. There’s even a little place on the bottle to write down the date you opened it! Urine test strips can only tell you if the renal threshold was exceeded at any time since your cat last had a pee.

You cannot equate a urine test strip reading with a blood sugar reading. Even though I blood test my cats I still urine test with a Keto-Diastix whenever the opportunity presents itself, just to make sure that ketones aren’t building up. The more things you can do for peace of mind, the better. Using the Keto-Diastix is simplicity itself. Although using Keto-Diastix is straightforward, you’ll probably find that collecting your urine sample will be slightly more problematic! Below is a selection of tips to help you collect your sample. Cats are notoriously private with their toilet habits, which is what makes urine testing harder to accomplish than home blood testing! But with a bit of sneakiness, patience, and luck you’ll come up with a method that works for you. With grateful thanks to all the resourceful owners out there who have e-mailed tips to me! If your cat uses a litter tray, you can replace your normal cat litter with aquarium gravel. It’s non-absorbent and similar in size to cat litter, so your cat shouldn’t take offence at the change.