It almost looks like he is on some kind of exercise equipment. They live underground in the wild. They dig their homes on higher bluffs if possible to avoid the water table. Rabbit dens always have 2 exits. Straw mats are bad as they are often treated with chemicals. Rabbits love to eat things that came from nature.

This is a faily common surgery with rabbits. Nipping can also be used to get attention. He wants you to pet him. They also like you to keep a regular routine. They do the same thing every day. They take cap naps the rest of the time.

Do not let him roam unsupervised. Many rabbits only like to be petted on the floor. It is very disorienting and scarey for many rabbits to be picked up. It can help to hold their ears down. 2 feet on your leg, etc. Avoid chasing rabbits around the house.

Stroke them and talk with love. Sometimes it’s just jumping for joy. This is normal happy rabbit behavior. Be concerned if your rabbit doesn’t do thismay be too fat or ill. Rabbit suddenly falling over onto the floor. Feet up in the air.

This causes the rabbit to run and ask questions later. Rabbits use their tails for signaling danger. Don’t call me, I’ll call you. Older rabbits seem to love sunbathing. Rabbits are real happy to get out of the cage. Spend more time with your bunny. If they don’t move they may be safe.

This indicates great fear and terror. Rabbits don’t like furniture moved. They like it the way it is. This means «This in MINE! I’m going to eat it. Go find your own treat.

I want to be alone! I suppose he could be bored. A trip to the vet may discover something. Are there dogs or people grabbing at him all the time? Is he new to the house? Rabbits like at least 2 exits out of any snooze place. The pound puts biters to sleep. Do not pick up the rabbit. Don’t try to get them on your lap. Get down on the floor to pet them. Also chinning is a way of marking property. Male cats do this too.