A rabbit needs more care than most other pets! ALL rabbits make ideal pets, of course, and with the correct care they bring lots of joy to any family. But there are some breeds that are known for their different, more individual characteristics and personality traits, that make them more adept at fitting in to a certain environment, situation, or type of person. The information on this page is very important if you are just starting out with rabbits, slightly unsure of a few aspects, or just have no knowledge at all about keeping rabbits as pets, especially where children are concerned.

The following links are all found on this page so choose what you feel is most relevant to you and your situation to help you make an informed choice moving forward! Rabbits — Are they prepared? Rabbits — Are you prepared? Choose the Best Breed of Rabbit for YOU! Yep that’s right the title does exactly what it says! It will give you all the information you need to make that perfect choice.

This super-duper ‘cheat-sheet’ is the ideal way for anyone that is fairly new to raising rabbits to come up with their perfect bunny breed and variety! Download FREE ‘Cheat Sheet’ Here! This super-duper ‘cheat-sheet’, is the ideal way to choose your perfect bunny! Rabbits as pets should be kept in bonded pairs or social groups. What Does Rabbit Bonding Mean? Bonding rabbits means to find a suitable friend, partner and companion for a rabbit that is on it’s own.

Rabbit bonding is a complex process and I recommend reading everything you can about it before you attempt the process. Bit unfair, I love dogs! Their home, living area, toilet area and exercise area need to be clean, tidy and safe EVERY DAY. This all adds up to a MINIMUM of 3 hours of dedicated attention per day. OK, so this might be simplifying and exaggerating it slightly to make a point, but you get the gist! Children keeping rabbits as pets is a BIG responsibility and shouldn’t be a passing whim or phase.

Rabbits live a surprisingly long time. Some breeds live for over 15 years. If a child has sole responsibility they will need to work out when they intend leaving school, starting university, leaving the parental home etc. Rabbits don’t like to be separated from their loved ones — their owners. They will be depressed and suffer loneliness, stress and sometimes die from a broken heart! I wasn’t getting them for a young child. Cuddles’ were allowed home to me.

Most rabbit rescue centres or rabbit adoption homes will allow you to foster your choice of rabbits first. This is a great way of testing your children’s understanding and abilities before you commit. You’ll be amazed at the little problems that occur in the first few weeks. Chew skirting boards, doors, beds, rugs, wires and shoes to clear a path to retreat. Bite if approached too quickly or too loudly. Test your children on their abilities in the first week.

You don’t throw it away. OK, So why have rabbits as pets then? Wow, a bit dis-heartening I know, but it just means they’re not quite there yet, they will be. Are you prepared to share your life with rabbits? Changes are stressful and may lead to illness. Prepared for the Years Ahead? Rabbits can live from 5 years, for the larger giant breeds, to over 18 years for popular breeds such as the Jersey Wooly and the smaller lop eared rabbits such as the mini lop. Are you prepared for many years ahead of care, nurture, training, plus keeping supplies and equipment in stock, up to date and in working order? Are you prepared to dedicate lots of time and energy to tasks such as cleaning, repairs to housing and grooming etc. Are You Prepared to Share Your Home? Have you got everything you need to get started?