Nutrition, or what you feed your pet, is the most important component of how your pet functions and feels. Super Premiums represent Superior Nutrition. They are nutrient dense, highly digestible and palatable ensuring your pet receives the correct balance for the maximum nutritional benefit. In addition they are supplemented with high quality natural combinations of fats, carbohydrate, vitamins, minerals, probiotics, prebiotics and digestive enzymes. They contain no artificial colours and flavours and are naturally preserved.

If you feed a Super Premium rest assured that you’re feeding the best possible food available. The Super Alternative to Supermarket Pet Food. Most pet owners feed supermarket brands in the mistaken belief that they are adequately caring for their pet. Unfortunately supermarket brands are almost always cereal based, and contain only a small amount of meat which is primarily offal and meat by-product not meat muscle. Protein levels are about half that of Super Premiums. So you need to feed more so your pet can reach an adequate level of nutrition. They’re less palatable and most contain artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.

ONLY stock Super Premium brands. So rest assured you can rely on any of the products you choose from our website. They have surpassed our strict selection criteria. Here’s 7 Reasons why you should ONLY ever consider feeding Super Premium Pet Food. Pets in taste tests consistently prefer them over supermarket brands. They’re surprisingly cheap to feed.

Yes, they appear expensive to buy, but don’t be put off by the bag price. What’s important is how much they cost to feed. We’re talking about concentrated nutrition that on a cost per feed basis is MUCH CHEAPER to feed than any home made or canned diet and not much more expensive than supermarket dry food. You’ll be the envy of pet owners in your street. Your pet deserves to eat Highly Nutritious, High Quality food too ! If your pet could talk they would demand the same ! Also check out our range of quality Animal Health products and Accessories.

We adopt the same philosophy when selecting these products. Don’t risk injury to yourself or your pet! The Solvit Deluxe Telescoping Pet Ramp is perfect for all pets that need assistance reaching high places. Royal Canin Jack Russell Terrier Adult 7. We spent 35 hours researching and testing kitty litter with help from experts and a few dozen cats. Find out which is the best one for most cats and their owners. Tell us what you think of our new site.

Reviews for the real world. You support us through our independently chosen links, which earn us a commission. Read more about what we do. We spent 35 hours reading about cat litter, interviewing experts, testing 10 litters with fake waste, and finally testing four clay clumping litters with a panel of a few dozen cats to find the best cat litter for most people and their pets. Price is important here: Your cat will go through nearly 3,000 pounds of litter in their lifetime. Once known as Precious Cat, this is the best cat litter—it forms sturdy clumps, has decent odor control and low dust, and is one of the least expensive options available. Our favorite litter keeps odors at bay as well as almost any other litter we tested, without adding other weird smells to the mix.

That it can be ordered on Amazon Prime is a huge convenience: A heavy bag of litter can be a nuisance to carry home from a shopping trip. This litter forms the toughest clumps and has a container that makes pouring super easy—but it’s twice the price. It’s like holding a large bag of groceries minus the convenient handles. The plastic jug has a handle that’s comfortable to grip and a screw-on top that makes resealing super easy. Cat’s Pride Natural also tended to form tougher clumps compared with everything else we tested, but it’s twice the price of Dr. This litter does the best job of scent control, though it can’t replace regular scooping and is also pricey compared with our top pick. It was the best at odor control out of the 10 litters we tested, managing to smell almost, well, fresh in tests with fake cat waste. This litter’s average clumping action, so-so container, and high price-per-pound kept it from being our upgrade pick, but it’s our pick for sensitive noses. This large and easy-to-hold scoop will make a gross chore as pleasant as possible. It’s the only scoop that wasn’t gross by the end of testing, with minimal crust of pee and litter on the edge, and no bits of litter stuck in the mesh. The generous size of the scoop and sturdy construction make raking it through the litter box to catch everything easy.