When large pets leave large messes, a carpet cleaner will be a valuable cleaning tool. Do not leave towels used to clean up urine lying around as your pet will take the scent as an open invitation to urinate in the area of the soiled towels. Wash or dispose of them promptly. If the flooring under the carpet has been affected replacement of that section maybe necessary. This can be an overwhelming project and we recommend that you contact a professional. Avoid walking on any damp areas of carpet.

There are many enzyme urine odor neutralizers available at pet stores. These are products that are placed on the stains and as they dry, the enzymes break down the acids and remove the urine smell from your carpets. Using a solution with water and vinegar will also remove the odor, but you may wish to consider using one of these products if you are having a difficult time removing the smell from the area. For additional help finding a reputable carpet cleaner in your area, search the Yellow Pages. What is missing from or wrong with this cleaning guide? This iframe contains the logic required to handle AJAX powered Gravity Forms. That will soak up a good amount of urine, but also force some of it deeper into the padding below.

Get a bunch of good paper towels, gently press them onto the urine, then leave them there to lift out the urine for a few minutes. An enzyme is a chemical. There are many different enzymes, each associated with one particular substance, which it helps to break down. For example, lipase is an enzyme which breaks down fat. Steve, enzymes are not chemicals. Do it yourself at home.

Make sure to hang the carpet to dry. You will do a better job with a pet urine problem than a stupid professional. Make sure the water is as hot as you can get it. The hot water breaks down the enzymes in the cat or dog urine. This will not only take away any smell, but also any stains. Using this method stopped our cat from going back to the spot where he had peed on the carpet repeatedly prior.

For stubborn odors in tile grout around toilets, in carpet pads and mattress pads as well, try a product called NOK-OUT. This includes the wicking outwards that the offending liquid did originally. If this product works as well on a mattress as it did in my bathroom, I’ll be very pleased. I have a Boston terrier who sleeps with my hubby in one bedroom because she and our other two Bostons will fight if in same room. Recently she was diagnosed with Diabetes -excessive urination is one symptom. She has saturated the carpet in the room despite the 2-3 pads we put down at night. I am having a terrible time getting out the smell, despite cleaning carpet several times.

The carpet was recently replaced and now we have another ruined room that will knock you over with dog urine. Another idea is to place bowls of vinegar or coffee grounds, or plates covered with baking soda, around the room for several hours or overnight to absorb any smells that may be clinging to other items in the room. Activated charcoal is another good option and works particularly well on organic odors. I used the vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, mild detergent, white vinegar concoction on my oriental rug for cat pee that I’m not sure how long was there. Will give another go around if there’s still some odor left after it dries. I always forget the name, but there is no other can like it. It does wonders for me.

My mom uses a pet stain remover from Lowe’s in a white bottle with purple writing. I use stuff called Nature’s Miracle from the pet store. Poor it on and let it soak for a few minutes, then take towels to soak it up. I do that before I shampoo. The family dog has soiled our large oriental carpet. We have tried to rid the odor ourselves and with professional cleaning, steam I believe. Help is indeed needed before we throw this beautiful carpet from Syria. If you can get under the carpet, sprinkle it underneath and leave it. He would also sprinkle this everywhere he had to put a seam in the new carpet. The animals would stay away and a person could not smell it.