Don’t leave exposed soil in borders. Instead, mulch with stone chipping or pebbles, or keep the soil well mulched with a moisture-retaining material such as manure, as wet ground is not particularly attractive to them. Also, invest in a good selection of ground cover plants to deter cats from venturing into your border. Some gardeners swear by putting a couple of drops of decongestant Olbas oil on to used teabags and then scattering them around the area that the cats have chosen to use as a litter tray.

If they’re scratching your tree trunks, wrap tree guards or fine chicken wire around the base of them. Cover ponds with netting to stop cats diminishing your fish supplies and position bird feeds in a clear area of the garden where they will be inaccessible to cats. There are a number of cat repellents on the market, including sprays and powders, chemical granules and ultrasonic devices whose sensors detect movement and heat and trigger a burst of variable ultrasound said to deter dogs, foxes and cats. But they may not give long-term protection. If cats in your garden are scratching up seedbeds, try putting a galvanised chicken-wire cage over the area and keep it in position until the plants are of a reasonable size. Whatever method you choose, clear away any evidence of fouling first, as this acts as a magnet for more cats and more fouling.

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Will a cat fence keep cats out of your garden? 229 single-format-standard l-body wpb-js-composer js-comp-ver-3. Comment on Will a cat fence keep cats out of your garden? Many people, however, will placechicken wire or spikes on top of cat fences to make surfaces uncomfortable to walk on. Again, this may not stop cats from getting past them, but it’ll certainly make them think twice about trying. Contrary to popular belief cat spikes aren’t as inhumane as they sound.

While placing spikes that can cause damage to the cat’s paws is certainly not okay, a product designed specifically as a cat repellent won’t be harmful. Where can I buy a cat fence? A fence specifically designed to keep cats out of your garden can be purchased either online or in your local garden centre. Most companies will post products directly to your home within a couple days. If you would rather use your local garden centre, they should be able to order them in for you at no extra cost. Can I use a cat fence as an enclosure? Cat fences that are designed for this purpose are usually made from chicken wire and will either have a roof or edges that protrude from the top to prevent cats from jumping on the fence. Cat enclosures are commonly used in gardens that house things that could be dangerous for cats, such as electric wiring, toxic plants or chemicals that have been placed on the garden. Cat fences that are designed specifically for cat enclosures are usually free standing and can be moved around with ease.