Remove the paper template and completely cut out the pieces using the score lines as a guide. A dot of Elmer’s non-toxic glue is sufficient to hold the pieces firmly in place when in use! Assemble the pieces by «Inserting slot A into slot B. Step 7: Even More Shapes! Picture of Even More Shapes! As mentioned earlier, you can create these toys in any shape you can imagine! Once you have gained a basic understanding of the toy’s construction, create new shapes by sketching them on a piece of scrap paper, or even directly on the cardboard using a non-toxic pen or pencil.

Step 8: A Healthy Cat Is a Happy Cat! Picture of A Healthy Cat Is a Happy Cat! I would suggest attaching to a string so that you can pull it around. My 12 month old, 8 pound kitten could make short work of this. By short I mean 1-2 minutes. May just have to try this out on my ferrets, though they will probably prefer to chew it than chase it! That seems like a lot of instructions for such a simple project but still good idea.

Let your inbox help you discover our best projects, classes, and contests. Instructables will help you learn how to make anything! Check out our step-by-step guide for five ways to use TP rolls to make some fun homemade cat toys. Everyone who shares her life with a cat knows that store-bought cat toys are nearly always shunned in favor of found objects like straws, milk jug rings and wadded-up paper balls. Why do we even bother? In last week’s Kids, Cats, Chaos! Catster Magazine Is Here: Subscribe Today!

A tabby kitten getting a vaccine shot at the vet. Video: What Exactly Is Feline Distemper? An older gray cat asleep on a couch. Video: Do Cats Dream — And If So, What Do They Dream About? It’s National Feral Cat Day! A cat in a toy box. In my search for cat-toy crafts, I happened upon a fantastic array of ideas for fashioning kitty playthings out of empty toilet paper rolls.

Here are five homemade cat toys you can make from empty TP rolls. This one is about as uncomplicated as it gets. An uncomplicated toy for a complicated animal. We have these rings scattered all over the house. They’re nice and light so my cats can toss them into the air and Phoebe even carries the little rings around in her mouth. An empty cardboard TP roll. Two cats with a piece of a toilet paper roll.

Use the scissors to cut each ring. Here’s a variation of the ring toy. It’s only slightly more complicated, but I have faith in my directions and the intelligence of Catster readers, so follow along! My favorite part about this toy is how crazy my cats get trying to retrieve the treats from inside the ball. And I know the cats don’t care, but I found entertainment in decorating the ball with smiley faces and other fun shapes. A ring ball cat toy, made out of toilet paper. A cat playing with a homemade toilet paper roll toy.

Insert the first ring into the second ring, then continue with the third and fourth, until you’ve formed a ball. Grab a pair of scissors, and within a couple of minutes, your cat will be on the fringe. Cats love batting this around and you can even place a treat inside for extra play action! A homemade toilet paper roll cat toy. A cat playing with a homemade cat toy. Cut the ends of each end of the roll, creating tabs. My cats love noisy toys and this one fits the bill, for sure. The ends don’t close super tightly, so it’s fun for kitty to try and remove the treats. Mine are persistent so the treats never really stand a chance! A homemade cat toy for treats. Fold one end of the TP roll inside, creating a semi-closed end. Fold the other end of the roll, creating another semi-closed end.