It’s really dependent on the room you have, but remember cats want something to climb. Hang some low hanging cat safe ornaments from the bottom with a few filled with catnip. You may want to anchor the cat’s tree to the wall or ceiling. My cat doesn’t like the smell of citrus.

I take the tree shaped car deodorizer, orange scent, and hang them from the bottom branches. Keep cats away from the Christmas tree with fabric softener sheets. Encircle the tree with the sheets when you go to bed at night or when you leave the house and pick them up when you return. Here are the questions asked by community members. Is there any product either homemade or store bought, that will keep pets away from the Christmas tree? When my daughter was a baby we put our Christmas tree in a playpen to keep her from pulling it down on herself. It also kept our cats out of it.

My kitten is having her first Christmas and she has decided to try and attack the tree. My mom got a small squirt gun and if she starts to attack it, she gets a friendly squirt. This also works to train cats to stay off of countertops. Just don’t let them see you squirt them. I usually put the unbreakable and safe ornaments for kids and pets on the bottom and put the breakable or more hazardous ones on the top. One thing I use to «punish» my cat, is a shaker. I have a small tin filled with little pebbles, if he scratches the couch I shake the tin and he stops.

They don’t like the noise and he hardly does it now! I’d assume the same thing will work for your tree. If the tree is in the lounge, and you are generally around, shake the tin and the cat will stop. I sprayed a little of my wife’s perfume on the lower branches and our cats absolutely hate it! Thanks to whomever suggested that tip! I still favor putting a few ballons in the tree.

I bought the car Christmas tree shaped air fresheners, orange scented, and hung them on the lower branches where you can’t see them. They kept her from bothering the tree of nesting in it. We have a 2 year old cat we adopted on April of this year. This will be her first Christmas with us. How can we keep her from getting into the tree? I tried one suggestion where you put bells on the branches and the noise is suppose to scare her away. Are there any other methods I can use to keep her off the tree?

They’re fun to knock down. We just have to keep an eye on them, use unbreakable ornaments, and we unplug the lights unless we’re right there. Two of our cats are just interested in the ornaments, but the youngest might try to climb it. I’m curious to see what advice others might offer. Two of them just sniff the tree, chew on the branches a little and end up sleeping under it. The 3rd one, however, is a totally different story.

Lizzie is 3 years old and climbs the tree every chance she gets! 3 of the way up and sleeps there! I have no choice but to anchor the tree to the wall. They always get into the tree, don’t they? My first little tuxedo girl was eager to bat at the fragile shiny balls and broke 3 right away. My big old tuxedo tomcat would sleep in the lower branches as a kitten. My old grey tomcat would tug the strings of beads all out of place. I gave up and put a smaller tree atop the big screen tv. Then I put a 5 foot tree in the window of a room they are disallowed from entering full of holiday and craft supplies.