The opening theme song, and the ending song used in each episode include vocals performed by Scott Simons. With each season of the show, new supporting characters and themes are introduced in its episodes. Spin Master president Ben Gadbois stated that his company would continue to introduce additional characters and concepts to increase the franchise’s longevity and to expand upon the success of tie-in merchandise. In August of the same year, Spin Master co-founder Ronnen Harary explained that these changes were intended to keep the show’s content «fresh» and «relevant». The first season aired from August 2013 to August 2014. Canada, it concluded in September 2015 and in the United States, it concluded in December 2015.

A third season premiered in November 2015. A fourth season premiered February 6, 2017. Spin Master has confirmed that fifth and sixth seasons are in development. The fifth season is expected to be released on early 2018. The series has been sold to TV networks in over 160 countries. In July 2016, film distribution company Notorious Pictures acquired the rights to an Italian theatrical release of the series. Italian cinemas from December 22, 2016 until January 8 of the following year.

Marshall and Chase On the Case! TF1 had been viewed by 45 per cent of households in France with preschool-aged children. Emily Ashby gave the show a four-star rating, stating that «perhaps the show’s best attribute is how it demonstrates the value of thoughtful problem-solving». Pattie Pegler also wrote favourably of the series, but felt that some of the characters «seem rather arbitrary, like Rocky the Recycling Pup». Carey Bryson gave the series a mixed review, criticizing its «formulaic» nature but affirming that the «show is not without funny moments». Criticism has been directed toward the show’s unequal gender representation because the team of dogs is primarily male and includes only one main female.

Rocky does are all coded male, because of course you couldn’t have a female police dog, could you? The line was not distributed to international markets until June 22 of the same year. Dion Vlachos, a representative from Nickelodeon, was in charge of the U. Spin Master’s most profitable brands. Spin Master’s gross product sales for 2015. 5 per cent of the firm’s second quarter revenue.

Marketing manager Emma Eden said that the toys were responsible for increasing the company’s presence in the preschool market. Throughout 2016, Spin Master’s revenue grew more in this market than in any other toy category. 2015 in the United Kingdom. The group also reported that it was the best-selling preschool license in France in the first quarter of 2015. Toys «R» Us, listed the PAW Patroller vehicle toy as one of the 2015 holiday season’s «hottest» items. Air Patroller vehicle on its list of the toys it predicts will be bestsellers during the Christmas 2016 season.

The show features the PAW Patrol characters competing in a race. It toured Canada, the United States, Mexico, Australia and the Philippines. It follows the PAW Patrol as they rescue Cap’n Turbot from a cavern, and it will tour the same countries as its predecessor. Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Day» celebration at Spin Master’s office in Toronto on July 26, 2016. The characters, along with replicas of the Lookout tower from the program, were included as part of the Nick Jr.

Play Date Tour in autumn 2015. Marshall and Chase made appearances at shopping malls throughout Nottingham, Suffolk, and Somerset in the U. Multiple meet-and-greet events attracted far more attendees than expected, with some reaching over 5,000 visitors. Unauthorized productions and events featuring the show’s characters have attracted the attention of the shows distributor. Nickelodeon forced the chain to stop every event by threatening a lawsuit if they went ahead. There was some consumer backlash as a result, but the events were not held. The site requires a paid subscription to access this page. What’s not to love about PAW Patrol—if you’re a kid? Page 32 — Spin Master Corp. Page 18 — Spin Master Corp. Page 7 — Spin Master Corp.