The cat continues to use our garden most days. We now have cctv evidence, the same cat fouling in our garden. Everyday I have to tidy the area, remove the cat faeces and dispose of THEIR cat excrement! Last year I underwent treatment for a serious illness, my husband had our garden renovated for me to relax in and enjoy whilst undergoing chemotherapy. He is beside himself to see the garden being used as a toilet and the neighbour doesn’t give a monkeys because of the right to roam law. I’ve read your site and felt a glimmer of hope. Surely the neighbours do have a duty of care towards us with this ongoing issue?

We’re obtaining more and more evidence now with our cctv and have made it our business to take dates and times and screen shots to compile this evidence. I am galled that I have to clear the cats excrement, dispose of it with my own gloves and bags and put it in my bin. I want to throw it over the fence but I’m aware I need to do things in the right way and not land ourselves in trouble. Can you give us any further advice Bob? Unfortunately Tracey, you only have to read some of the comments left by cat owners here on Cats Away to realise that some of them simply do not understand how you can consider a cat coming into your garden and doing what cats do as a problem so I suspect you are beating your head against a wall when trying to reason with a cat owner like this. Collecting video and photographic evidence will obviously help your case should you wish to attempt to go the legal route and visit a Solicitor but there is no guarantee of a successful outcome and it is not going to be cheap. Believe me, once the cat has received a blast of water from the Scarecrow it very quickly gets the message that this area is no longer a giant litter tray.

This is an American product that was developed to scare off a whole range of animals and it works great on cats. I’ve found it to be the best commercial cat deterrent I’ve so far tested. It only recently became available in the UK via Amazon and you can see it in action in the video below. These work by sensing movement and giving off ultrasonic noises that cats don’t like. These might not give the instant success that you get with the Scarecrow but usually after a few nights the cat will take the hint and stop paying your garden a visit. Another option is to set up a simple frame around your flowerbeds and lay pea netting or chicken wire over it to keep the cat off.

Finally, as a last resort you might want to invest in a decent water pistol. Cats are intelligent critters and they soon move on to somewhere new when a garden suddenly becomes a wet area. I am confident that with the use of at least one of the cat deterrents mentioned above you will soon be able to enjoy your garden without the need to approach the cat owner again. Good luck and please call back and let us all know how you get on. It is unfortunate that cats are under attack. Raccoons and skunks leave similar bundles of joy in gardens but the cat is often the only animal blamed. These unwelcome guests don’t hide their dropping in your garden, they leave them anywhere and that can be extremely unhealthy for humans.

That means the main concern is that the cat is looked after properly with all the necessary shot. If a cat is well looked after and well fed it will make little or no difference to rat and mice populations. Well I think it’s rude. And it doesn’t matter what cats may keep away. People have kids that have the right to play In their homes yard with out having to watch their step. At least my dog shits in the same area where I allowed him to actually go.

The place where kids don’t play or I can sit in peace without smelly animal feces. Secondly we for example clean our dog poop up. Cats just piss and shit where ever they feel. If people choose to get cats. Then keep them from littering in neighbors property ä. For I respectfully do this foebmy neighbor.

My beautiful garden became therapy for treatment of bad PTSD of being in the military. Mind you I would gladly defend my wonderful country again but now I am at battle with the neighbors cats who use my garden as their toilet! I have resorted to using the gentle traps and relocating the cats to another city. One by one this enemy is shrinking and I am gaining in the battle of wills. Coleus Canina is a plant for perimeter of yard to keep cats away! I pick the stems and lay them weekly in my raised beds to deter them from doing amoung stuff my vegetables. What do I do my neighbor has complained to are associate about my 5 cats pooping in her backyard. There’s other cats around besides mine. I have a big litter box in my backyard and 2 reg side ones. They now want me to give 3 cats up. Can I just say as much as I appreciate it’s really not nice for any animal to soil in your garden please remember and appreciate that these animals are also someone’s family members. My cat was killed by a car because a neighbour threw water at her. It’s been 18 months since she was killed and my children are still so heartbroken by it. Sadly when I was a child the my neighbour threw water at our cat who ran straight out in the road and was killed. A haunting sight for a 6 year old.