Personally, I would use this as a last resort. Although I don’t want the rabbits in my garden, I enjoy having them in my front yard. I don’t want to evict them, just deter them away from my vegetable garden. The rabbits will go after them for food instead of the vegetable garden. It’s a natural product that is bio-degradable and safe for pets and children.

Just place the Liquid Fence around the perimeter of your garden. It may need to be reapplied after rain or heavy watering. Maybe the fence isn’t so expensive after this one, huh? If you have some tips on deterring rabbits away from your vegetable garden please share them! Can’t We All Just Get Along? I grow organic vegetables, so Defence works the best for me since it’s certified for organic gardening use.

From my experience, home repellents never work well. I had a serious problem with possums and cantaloupe loving Shelties. Plus my cats thought my raised beds were huge cat boxes. That’s a great idea, Glenn! We got the electric fence and it saved our garden last year. It was really simple to install. We’ve seen a few animals get zapped and they are completely fine afterward but they avoid your garden like the plague!

I’ve had good luck with planting marigolds around my garden border. Planting marigolds has the added benefit of harvesting flowers for making healing salves and foot soaks. Can you share what kind of marigolds they are and whether they have to be a continuous border around the veggie bad or can be separated by 12 inches? I used to sprinkle dried blood meal around the plants or around the perimeter of my garden to get rid of the wild rabbits. Blood meal can be found at most garden centers. Rabbits do not like the smell and will generally avoid the area.

Thanks for the new ideas. I’m lucky that I’ve never been bothered with rabbits in the garden up to now. However, our street is now home to a family or two which run up and down the street and sleep on the lawns. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before they find their way round the back into the garden. I’ll be saving this article just in case. My father has told me that baby powder sprinkled on the plants will keep rabbits away. Been doing for two years, no problems.

That’s a very interesting tip! I guess rabbits don’t like the smell of the baby powder? I ran out of garlic powder and tried baby powder the other night. The rabbits ate 13 of my new corn seedlings. Chilli Pepper works really well! DO NOT purchase Liquid Fence to keep rabbits away from your garden.

Rabbits ate away 2 miniture rose bushes and have started on the azaelas. Wrote an email to customer service asking what type of documentation they would need to proceed with the money back guarantee. Now they tell lme that since they sent me another product to try, the guarantee was no longer valid. Chili powder worked good until we had rain everyday for a week straight. My green beans were all goners. 2 year old from tromping them while he is trying to play with the pinwheels. I would be leary of suggesting mothballs in the garden,especially if you have dogs. Dogs may mistake the plastic bottle for a toy. Even limited exposure to mothballs can poison them.