It’s ideal for small dogs and puppies. A colourful dog agility hurdle for small to medium dogs, with 4 height settings and ideal for use indoors and outdoors. It is made of foam, which prevents injury, and can be space-savingly stored. Create a varied fitness program for your dog to keep him fit and healthy with this agility tunnel form Trixie.

A fun agility tunnel for small to medium dogs, free from risk of injury thanks to the stable foam. It can also be folded away to save space. The Agility Weave Pole set contains 12 poles with metal tips and is great as part of a varied fitness programme for your pet. This pinewood bridge with slip-proof rubber coat is the perfect way to train your dog’s balance, motor skills and general condition. It has contact zone hindrances and is perfect for outdoor fitness. Challenge your dog to keep his balance with this agility exercise from Trixie. Looking for agility equipment for dogs?

You’re in the right place. Dog agility equipment sets are the pefect way to bond with your dog whilst keeping them fit and healthy! Why get a dog agility equipment set? Dogs love being active and need daily exercise to keep them fit and healthy. Agilty sets for dogs are a fantastic way to make sure your dog keeps moving and uses lots of different muscles on the different challenges. Your dog is actually very smart. He will love the challenge of working out how to navigate all the various hoops, seesaws, slaloms and tunnels and all these fun and games will lead to reduced stress and boredom.

The more fun you have with your dog, the better friend he will be! Dogs are very sociable animals and playing with their owners is really important to them. Ever wish your pet would jump through hoops to impress you? You dog will be delighted when he explores this tunnel! Let your pup weave its way into your heart with this slalom set! Does your dog dare take on the see-saw? Agility sets are hungry work.

This may vary depending on availability, payment method, location and other factors beyond our control. Cat Scratching Posts for active play for your cat. A centre for relaxation and activity. Cat trees are an ideal play and sleeping place for pet cats. Cats love to sleep high up on a cat tower and a cat scratch post is indispensable for your cat’s daily claw sharpening. Find the perfect scratching post for cats or cat activity centre here! A perch on a cat tower makes a great personal space for your furry friend!

When choosing a cat activity centre, cat tree or other cat furniture, there are several important factors, such as: material, shape, size, and special qualities you might want for your cats. See the below tips to choose the best cat scratching post. Cat scratchers come in natural or synthetic. Do you have more than one cat? Does your cat enjoy climbing, laying or stretching? You can rub catnip at the top of the scratching post for cats.

Entice your feline to the cat activity centre by attaching a small object at the top of the cat scratcher with a little rope for your cat to play with! Please forward this error screen to 77. Please forward this error screen to sharedip-1071804187. Our modular cat fence systems cater for variable boundary heights and types, including brick, concrete and wooden fence panels. Bengal Bend’, an innovation for cats with high levels of strength and agility. Cat Fence Barrier is designed with versatility in mind: for fences 1. The Cat Fence Brackets can be attached to wooden or concrete fence posts. Freestanding Cat Enclosure Fencing can be used. On existing gates over 1. Cat Fence Brackets and mesh to a horizontal baton above the gate.