My problem is that when I can tell my children are really sick, I become very compassionate. I wouldn’t say I’m hugely compassionate as a mom in normal circumstances. However, there’s no other time I feel more compassionate than with a genuinely hurting child over legitimate reasons. So, when my kids are sick, I’ll often lay them in my bed and cuddle up close so I can stroke their hair, look at their hurting face and pray for them. The vomit comes straight for my face. Last time I did this exact thing with Kenzie. Then, I heard her stomach churn, and I jumped up and ran to the kitchen for a bowl.

I wasn’t in time to catch the throw up, but I was in time to remove myself from getting puked on, so that is good. Abby’s things are all covered in vomit in the middle of the night. My husband doesn’t do well with the smell of vomit. If I’m not careful, I’ll have two pukers on my hand, so I handle it. I get Abby in the tub to wash her off. I get new pajamas and get her into our bed with a bowl and my husband.

I head up to the room to take care of the situation. I take the sheets to the bathroom to spray them down in the shower, removing the chunks. Is this too much information yet? I just wanted to give you some ideas for dealing with the vomit that enters your own world. Sorry if I’m making you nauseous in the dialogue. The next morning, I open the washer just to be visited by the same smell that haunted me the night before.

So, I ran the load again. I tried a different detergent. So, I do what any mom does, I complained about it on Facebook. A friend from high school responded with a couple recipes she said would work like magic. Just let them soak for a couple of hours and them wash them as normal. This was my first introduction to Borax, and it worked like a charm. Mix it together so the soda dissolves and you can then soak the items in it.

It may make the smell seem stronger at first, but it’s only because it’s getting wet again. I originally used it for. I just keep a ton of peroxide and Borax on hand. The peroxide gets out blood and chocolate without bleaching anything and my friend told me about the Borax. Never had a permanent stain after that. I was extremely grateful for this recipe because she had thrown up on her favorite stuffed animal that she had since she was a baby.

I really wasn’t convinced I was going to be able to remove the smell after trying so hard prior to this recipe. This recipe worked on the first try. So, there you have it. Sorry for such a detailed account. You can just be grateful you have these recipes in your arsenal now. I hope it never happens again. You just saved my life with this post!

That’s so good to hear. I’m glad it worked for you! Sorry you’ve had sickness in your home. Thanks Michelle for the laugh. I’ve been there plenty of times too. After the kids got older, baby spit up seemed so mild, compared to the real thing when kids got older. I’m the one now with a strong inability to deal with cleaning up vomit. I’m the one who starts gagging. My husband poor guy gets clean up duty for that. I would be right there adding to it. With four kids and occasional sickness, I told them they better get to the toilet and fast or they would be cleaning it up. Puke is no phone for anyone. This tip worked so well!