As you contemplate your new litter box, it may be time for you to reconsider the litter itself. This style of self cleaning litter box uses a power source to automatically remove clumps and waste from the box. These units generally work autonomously for up to a week without any intervention from you. They’re the most advanced style of litter box and usually only require you to empty a waste compartment or add more litter every so often. It’s among the more expensive options, but almost certainly has the most advanced approach to getting rid of cat waste. These granules are permanent, so rather than changing them out when they’re dirty, the system uses a cold water hook up to wash them and liquify the waste for disposal in a drain or toilet. The machine then heats and dries the granules so they’re ready for the next use.

This does require both a cold water line and a drain or toilet in addition to an outlet to work. If you really hate cleaning the litter box, this is the only solution that means you never have to empty any kind of waste storage compartment. The box itself is very large and includes a ramp with a cleaning pad to trap litter as your cat leaves. The manufacturer claims that it holds 50 percent more litter than other automatic boxes. I’ve seen this in action and it exceeded my expectations for durability and effectiveness. Using a rotating litter bowl, this unit continuously removes waste from the litter.

The bowl moves very slowly, completing one rotation per hour. Waste doesn’t sit in the litter growing foul smelling bacteria, which extends the life of your litter considerably. The waste bucket can be lined with any plastic bag to make removal easy. This also has the advantage of not requiring specialized extras like some of the other units. It’s also a more compact design, so this would be a good alternative for homes where space is tight. The entire tray goes into the trash. This self cleaning litter box includes a sensor that detects when your cat has entered the box.

In turn, this begins a 20 minute timer which will trigger the rake to move the waste into the trap. This is probably the simplest and most elegant of the automatic cat box solutions and will get you started the quickest. The automatic rake system is clearly a popular solution when considering an automatic litter box and this unit is no exception. Over four times quieter than another leading brand with no disruption for cat or consumer. If you don’t like the design of the metal rake units, you could step up to this high-tech, appliance-level solution. Aimed at multi-cat households, this one features a large integrated litter pan.

The entire globe rotates, filtering out waste and depositing it into the large receptacle on the bottom of the unit, which you can line with a regular trash bag. They’ve recently updated this to the III Open-Air model, which is larger than previous models. Other improvements include a drawer full indicator, three, five and seven-minute clean cycle settings, an automatic LED night light, self-adjusting cat sensor, and eight-hour sleep mode. The sensor on this model is a pressure switch on the bottom of the pan, which can be activated by cats weighing five pounds or more. After a cat departs, the globe begins its rotation based on the number of minutes you’ve chosen. Despite the high price tag, there are no proprietary peripherals to buy, and reviewers consistently comment on the reduction in litter use.

It’s possible that this unit will pay for itself in a relatively short amount of time. Buy the Litter-Robot III Open-Air here. Find more Litter-Robot III Open-Air information and reviews here. These self cleaning litter boxes require a little more work than the automatic versions. It’s certainly an improvement on scooping each pile out by hand and they’re typically cheaper than the fully automatic versions. If you like the idea of the rake mechanism, but don’t want to pay for the motor, this is the option for you. This combines the rake filtering system with a bag compartment.

Simply push the rank through the litter and the clumps are deposited in a small bag for disposal. It’s admittedly a simple solution, but the price is low enough to consider. This unit features a metal rake just like the automated boxes. All surfaces are coated to make them slick, which keeps any mess from sticking. The aim of this one is to provide a slight advantage over scooping, while also saving litter. In the event that the handle does break, as some reviewers have complained about, the company is apparently ready and willing to replace the box, complete with tips for how to avoid a breakage in the future. Buy the Pet Zone EZ Scoop No Touch Cat Litter Box here. Find more Pet Zone EZ Scoop No Touch Cat Litter Box information and reviews here. Somewhat similar in operation to the Litter Robot above, this self cleaning litter box uses a novel rotating motion to collect solid waste into a removable scoop. This design requires no disposable elements whatsoever, which cuts down on the overall cost of ownership. Since this is only slightly more expensive than a more-traditional covered litter box, I would consider this regardless of whether or not an automatic box is needed in your case. It will assuredly make cleanup easier, and compared with the expensive electric units, this offers a larger space for bigger cats.