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A week or so ago, though, I could tell he was losing weight. He was eating, albeit not as much as he used to. But something just didn’t seem right, so I took him to the vet, where they did blood tests and determined that he has CRF. They recommended giving subcutaneous fluids twice a week. Over the course of this past week, he has stopped eating almost entirely. He got fluids on Tuesday of this week and then this morning. On Tuesday and Wednesday, he ate a little wet food, but since then has eaten almost nothing.

He drank a little tuna juice today, but wouldn’t even finish it and turned his head away when I offered it to him later in the day. I won’t be able to call the vet until Monday. Is there anything I can do over the next 30 hours or so that might help make him more comfortable? He is following his usual routines other than the fact that he won’t eat, but he’s definitely more lethargic than is normal for him. Thank you for reporting this comment. She was on thyroid meds as well.

Heating up the soft food would sometimes help but there were times when all she’d eat was shrimp or chicken breast. She was never a picky eater though which probably helped. Your cat might think you’re the devil while you’re syringe-feeding him, but he can’t go a week without eating. There are a lot of CRF websites with more details on getting food in these kitties. Your vet will probably want to check his kidney function again, since things can change so quickly with these guys. I’m sorry for your cat’s diagnosis. I’ve been through CRF with several cats, and it can be a real juggling act.

Sometimes the things you do to manage one symptom cause or make another worse. Nausea is very common in CRF cats and will often result in loss of appetite. There are several different meds commonly given to reduce stomach acid and nausea, as well as appetite stimulants that can be tried. Most importantly, though, is that you must get food into your cat one way or another ASAP. CRF cats who won’t eat on their own. You can make any canned food syringable by pureeing it in a blender with a little hot water.

Feed small amounts every few hours rather than trying to get a bunch down him at one time. It’s important to give frequent small meals so that the stomach acid doesn’t build up and increase his nausea. The site linked below is the CRF bible which will answer just about any question you may have and will offer you many suggestions for dealing with inappetance and nausea, along with virtually every other potential symptom and side effect of CRF. Please post again with any additional questions you may have. A number of us have dealt with CRF for years and can help guide you through the difficulties. It’s a high-calorie food substitute, a gel in a tube, similar to a gel toothpaste only it’s brown. It’ll get some calories into his stomach until you can get him to the vet or until his appetite improves. 4 tab of pepcid am and pm sometimes helps older cats appetites, and many vets forget this. I personally would not force feed my cat, as that would decrease her quality of life. Fancy Feast often appeals to them. My friend’s cats lived for many years with CRF, and they refused to eat «good» food! Try baby food as well. Pepcid AC is frequently used to control stomach acid in CRF cats, but it should not be given without the direction of your vet because it can interfere with the absorbtion of other meds or supplements. Also, Pepcid is excreted through the kidneys, so it must be given to CRF patients carefully. 4 tab twice daily is the MAXIMUM dose of Pepcid for a feline with healthy kidneys and should NOT be given to a CRF patient at that dosage unless under veterinary supervision.